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TG Ocean Charity Fund 

浩洋慈善基金于11月 2013 年成立,公司每銷售1包五谷麥王,再撥10仙注入浩洋慈善基金。

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Awards & Accolades 

Golden Eagle Award, Asia Success Award, The Pretigous Brand, Asean ARFF Award, Certificate of Halal, Sijil Mesti, Certificate of Registration

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Story of Oat King 

TG Ocean was founded by three businessmen from Penang who started as petty traders in their earlier career. The humble beginning however leads to the discovery of Oat King, the indisputable, famous health drink.

Recipe Highlight

Oat King plus Barley

Delicious, whitening skin and weight control. Barley contains the highest dietary fibre among grains, low fat and energy, the best food for diet. It enriched with protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Whitening, spot removers, efficacy of remedies the lower body edema.

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