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Dietary Fiber contained in Oat King Series

Fiber is an indispensable “non-nutrient” in the diet. It appears in a purely natural way, helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes that will not be cured for lifeļ¼Œand some diseases related to low dietary fiber, such as intestinal cancer, constipation, intestinal polyps and other incidences are increasing.

Dietary fiber is not only as simple as its regulating effect. Its high content of polysaccharides helps fight free radicals and reduces the risk of certain cancers and inflammatory diseases; it also maintains the health of our intestines and strengthens the immune system.

There are generally 2 ways to test products on the market, most of them will use animals to test, but a better clinical data is to test directly through the human body.

Choose Oat King series which have confirmed by the human clinical research of the USM that 7.8 of the total fiber contained in it helped to improve many diseases due to inflammation problems.