Human Clinical Research Findings

Oat King (Original Flavour)

Fighters Against Hyperglycemia

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Oat King Sport

Warriors of rheumatoid arthritis

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Good Reputation

"Good Product Speaks for Itself!" TG Oceans oat series products have been frequently complimented by consumers since launch

Great for Whole Family

Develop from the consumers’ perspective, series of healthy foods that can help improve the function of your body in an all-round way.

Natural Ingredients

Adhere to the highest-quality natural raw materials, without adding sugar, chemical ingredients, preservatives, artificial colours, etc.

Quality Assurance

Raw material checking and strict quality control to ensure safe production.

Health Benefits

Oat King and Oat King Sport have been medically proven in human clinical trials to help improve Type 2 Diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.


  • ICAN 2020
  • WIAF

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