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Founded in 2008, it is an enterprise capable of R&D and manufacturing nutritional food.

TG Ocean was founded in 2008. It is an enterprise with R&D and manufacturing health food capability. After years of steady development, it has become one of the famous health food manufacturers in Malaysia. The company's first best-selling product ""Oat King"" has conquered the taste buds of customers with its unique taste, rich and mellow texture. In order to ensure the high reliability of products in terms of safety, quality and efficacy, the company has established a complete food safety and quality assurance system. From the beginning of product research and development, strict quality management is carried out in the whole process of raw material procurement, processing and production, quality inspection and sales to ensure the effective implementation of food safety work.


Teamwork is an essential element for a business. TG Ocean's achievements are jointly created by partners and teams. In this regard, TG Ocean will gain more values for the efficient and first-class work team, realise the ultimate win-win situation, and create a first-class health food brand.


TG Ocean takes benevolence as the foundation, uses the most sincere service, and adheres to the business philosophy of "genuine materials, conscientious food", provides consumers with fresh, safe and healthy food, and creates "101%" customer satisfaction .


Consumer confidence is what drives us forward.

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Integrity, efficiency, quality, safety, and all-win.

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