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Re-Understanding of Grain Culture

Compiled in the Warring States period of China’s earliest existing TCM theory monographs “Huang Di Nei Jing” did mentioned that the ” five grains for the support “, as the principle of diet, informing people not to overeating and to avoid partial cravings. These principles are the guiding ideology of dietary structure, to protect people’s health play an important role. To date , this classic work is still considered as the theoretic , basis guiding traditional chinese medicine.

Five grains as the main supplier to the human body: meat, vegetables and fruits act as supportive catalysts. Grains are rich in carbohydrates and cellulose fiber, hence it is the main source of the human heat energy; individuals that have this type of dietary structure are less likely to have the common modern diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and etc.

TG Ocean Inherit the Traditional Grain Culture

Whole grains consist of the entire seed of the plant and it is also the source of energy to life. TG Ocean skillfully transforms the traditional culture of healthy regimen with grains, improving the processing technology of fine grain raw materials and introducing new combinations of the 24 kinds of grain food with the value of diet therapy. Then, from the nutritional composition, efficacy, choice of food and treatment, and other aspects of nutrition combination and through the right nutrition allocation method combined with the modern diet, successfully researched and developed the exclusive Oat King.

With it’s best seller the Oat King which is mainly grain food, it consists of 24 natural ingredients, including barley, wheat, oats, malt, wheat germ which lower cholesterol; then it consists of brown rice, red brown rice, black brown rice and millet that help maintain blood sugar level; it also consists of red kidney beans, black beans, soy beans, mung beans and white navy beans that can recuperate the five vital organs (heart, lungs, spleen, liver, kidney) to improve arteriosclerosis, kidney, liver function and reducing risk of tumor growth; in addition, it has ingredients such as corn, black sesame, coix seed to improve blood sugar level, relieving rheumatoid arthritis, maintaining bone density, reducing steroids and triglycerides, improving constipation, weight loss control and increasing the immune system functionality.

Why drink Oat King

In recent years, with the improvement of living standard, most people are in the process of changing from eating to be full to eating to be well. Due to lack of nutritional knowledge, people often mixed up and misunderstood the meaning of “eating well” and “eating delicious”. Modern urban people mainly eat white rice and noodles. These staple food are not diversified and do not conform with the nutritional principle of a balanced diet, hence disregarding the traditional eating habits and blindly subliming to fast food. Intake of large amounts of high fat, high protein and sugar will result in malnutrition; therefore, the result was a major realignment of metabolic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and Hyperlipidaemia.

So, how should we eat? In fact, maintaining our traditional eating habits can help us stay away from diseases.

And Oat King can provide a comprehensive nutrition, which is beneficial to the human body’s “vital essence”, so eating often will have less diseases. Oat King contains a wealthy amount of Vitamin B, minerals and dietary fibre, which are very deficient in refined rice flour.

Every kind of grain among Oat King has its own characteristics and values respectively. For example, oats are rich in protein; millets contain Tryptophan and carotene; soy milk is rich in high-quality protein; but also rich in iron. In addition, beans have high protein level which can eliminate age spots (Seborrheic Keratosis), acne, and stimulating the cells hence makes the skin luster. With no chemical composition, no non-genetic modification and preservatives and colour food additive, the Oat King is very effective for the nutritional needs of the body.

Oat King is the exclusive selling point of TG Ocean, it has become a well-known household brand. By mentioning of TG Ocean, may thought of Oat King. By the testimonies of many users of all ages have proved that Oat King is not just a healthy regimen food, but also can improve the functionality of the body.

In addition to the original flavour of Oat King, TG Ocean also launched the chocolate flavour, Finnish Advanced Instant Golden Oats, Finnish Advanced Fast-cooked Golden Oats and Oat King Sport, and these products have been receiving great sales response.

In order to have “A Healthier Family, A Happier Home”, just bring health home today!

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