Oat King Classic Recipe

Oat King plus Chinese Yam and Lily

Heat relieving, lubricating gastrointestinal tract, very effective to constipation amongst elders.

Oat King plus Almond

Remedy cough,relief chest heat, moisturizing vocal,lungs and heart.

Oat King

Supplementary Qi, strengthen spleen and stomach,strengthen the essence and spirit,balance 5 organs, draining the artery,clear the ears and eyes,stop irritation, thirsty and diarrhea,more frequently intake will bring ‘good healthy color’.

Oat King plus Honey and Black Sesame

Smart the brain,increase the wisdom.

Oat King plus Orange

Orange known as fruit of remedies, rich with vitamin C, Calsium, phosphorus,potassium, Beta-carotenoid, citric acid, hesperidin, aldehydes, innositol , alkenes and other substances, delicious and benefiting to cosmetically purpose.

Oat King plus Black Sesame, Red Dates, and Lotus Seed

Relieving tiredness, repel heat and humid, essential supplement to all ages.)

Oat King plus Red Dates and Wolfberry

Supplement the Qi, tonic for kidney, remedy nutrient for heart muscle, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Oat King plus Radix, Black Sesame and Wolfberry

Kidney tonics, relieving tiredness and energizing the body.

Oat King plus Chlorella

Protect liver,improve eye sight, effectively protecting eye sight and Relieving tiredness amongst the nocturnal.

Oat King plus Barley, Sunflower Seed, and Almond

Remedies cough, skin whitening effect.

Oat King plus Barley

Delicious, whitening skin and weight control. Barley contains the highest dietary fibre among grains, low fat and energy, the best food for diet. It enriched with protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Whitening, spot removers, efficacy of remedies the lower body edema.

Oat KingRecipe