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Oat King Mooncake

For the dough/wrapper

Oat King 80 g
All-purpose flour 40 g
Golden syrup 90 g
Vegetable oil 35 g
Lye water (Alkaline water) 2 g

For the filling

Instant Golden Oat 40 g
Walnuts 40 g
Melon seeds 40 g
Peanuts 40 g
White sesame seeds 40 g
Raisin 15 g
Candied tangerine 15 g
Brown sugar 30 g
Vegetable oil 35 g
Water 110 g
Cooked glutinous rice flour (Kao Fen) 100 g
Egg Wash
Egg yolk (with little water) 1


  1. Mix golden syrup, vegetable oil and lye water thoroughly in a medium bowl.
  2. Add in Oat King and sift all-purpose flour.
  3. By wearing gloves, combine and knead the ingredients into dough, cover with a film wrap and rest for 2 hours.

Filling and assembling

  1. . Toast the Instant Golden Oat, walnuts, melon seeds, white sesame and peanut in oven at 150 ⁰C for 5 min. (Larger nuts can be chopped into small pieces)
  2. Candied tangerine and raisin are diced small.
  3. By wearing gloves, mix all the ingredients together and knead well, cover with a film wrap and rest for 30 min.
  4. Divide the dough and filling separately with ratio 22 g : 53 g, about 10 mooncake will be made.
  5. Take one of the dough, flatted it and place ball of mooncake filling in center.
  6. Gather the skip up around the filling in even pleats and pinch to close cover the top.
  7. Place mooncake ball in mold, gently press down until the mooncake fills the mold. (Dust the mooncake mold with flour and top out extra flour)
  8. Bake the mooncake in the preheated oven at 180⁰C for 5 min, brush with beaten egg yolk, bake for another 15 min at 180⁰C, or golden brown on the top.
  9. Freshly baked mooncake is hard, let the mooncake cool and store in an air-tight container, the pastry will become soft, called “oil return” in 2-3 days.

Total calories: 2626 kcal, 10 pieces

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